Regenerative Energien
  Stationen im Illerwinkel
  Sonniges Reiseziel

To Regenerate – to rest.

To regenerate in a regenerative environment. In a landscape which covers its own power requirement exclusively with regenerative sources of energy. With the help of the sun, the plants, water, wind… Climate friendly and local. A region of forests, meadows, waterways. View on the Alps by foehn wind. An area of resting places, rococo churches and regenerative energies. With outdoors information panels consultable at all times where the power stations produce their renewable energies. With accommodations in houses heated with regenerative combustibles. With a hairdresser who washes heads with water heated from solar collectors. With power from cow houses. With a solar-heated open air pool. With climate-friendly-made beer and local food. With many castles, baroque churches, a farm museum and an “environment station” for the environmental education of (young) people. Thus with many possibilities to regenerate. In a regenerative landscape. And all that only 20 driving minutes away from Memmingen-Airport. Welcome!